Site Rules


Welcome to the Current Middle Ages!

The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. is a nonprofit educational organization devoted to the historical study of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.  Further rules and regulations for the SCA can be found at their website at

Event Rules:

All participants must:

    * Wear an attempt at pre-17th century clothing. (Loaner outfits are available at the Gold Key.)

    * Act in a manner consistent with chivalric ideals.

    * Follow the instructions of the staffs of the Event and the Hotel.

Participants may not:

    * Wear "Fantasy" outfits (Elven Ears, Fairy wings, Steampunk, etc.)

    * Bring animals into Event spaces.  Animals are allowed in the hotel; please speak to the hotel for more information.

Failure to follow any of the Event Rules, the rules of SCA or any local and/or federal laws may result in expulsion from the site without refund.


Information regarding Minors:

Parents and Guardians should be aware that areas of the event site are open to the public. There are many exits from the building, along with the numerous hotel rooms. Please be mindful of where your children are at. The event site does not have Code Adam.

(Experts and paraphrased from the East Kingdom Seneschal Documentation
Minors must be in the company of a parent or guardian or if the minor is attending the event without their parent or Court-appointed legal guardian, but rather a designated adult over the age of 21, the parent or legal guardian must complete the minor or family waiver in advance. The designated adult must bring the signed waiver to the event. SCA Minor Waiver does not authorize any form of medical treatment for the minor. That is not its function.

Medical Authorization for Minors
1. The SCA requires minor participants (i.e., those having to have waivers) whose parents or legal guardians are not present at the event to have a valid Medical Authorization form. The SCA recommends use of the Medical Authorization for all minors whose parents or legal guardians are present.
1. Copies of the form, duly executed, should be in the possession of the named minor; at least one adult named in the document and present at the event; and the parent or guardian executing the Medical Authorization. 
2. There two Medical Authorization of Minors available:
1. Medical Authorization of Minors with Notary signature. This form is for use at all events hosted in the United States of America, and must be notarized.
2. Medical Authorization of Minors with no-Notary signature space. This form is for use at events hosted outside the United States of America.