Classes and Meetings


As of January 14, this schedule is considered final.  There may be slight modifications, but those will be posted at the Event.


Time Dartmouth Classroom 1 Frost Classroom 2 Hawthorne Classroom 3 Penthouse Upstairs room
9-10 am "Fantastic Primary Sources and Where to Find Them Exchequer training Children's basic coinmaking
10-11 am Release forms Exchequer training Childrens Athens's Thimble
11-12 pm Romani: An Introduction to Gypsy Persona Group Herald 101 Childrens Athena's Thimble
12-1 pm Thrown weapons Recruitment class Childrens Kingdom Annual Equestrian
1-2 PM Thrown weapons Recruitment class Childrens EK Brewer's Guild
2-3 pm Exchequer Meeting EK Web Minister Childrens Traditional Norse Brewing of Ales and Beers:
3-4 pm Marshalls "Firelight Discussions of The Dream" Childrens  
4-5 pm Unbelted Traditional Norse Cooking: Childrens Carolingia Calligrapher's Guild